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Wipro tops HP, Nokia, Apple in green ranking

New Delhi: Indian technology company Wipro has taken the top spot in Greenpeace’s annual Guide to Greener Electronics.

Ranking companies based on their commitment and progress in three environmental criteria — Energy and Climate, Greener Products and Sustainable Operations, Wipro knocked HP off the top spot in its first appearance in the international guide.

“Wipro has set a new benchmark for sustainability, not only in India but across the globe, that will have a long-term impact in shaping the green energy debate in the electronics industry,” said Greenpeace India Senior Campaigner Abhishek Pratap. “The rest of the electronics sector should follow in the footsteps of Wipro’s climate leadership.”

There was movement elsewhere in the guide with Nokia climbing up to third place from fourth in 2011 and Taiwanese computer maker Acer moving nine places up to fourth position.

In general, Greenpeace praised the companies in the guide for their efforts to remove harmful chemicals from their products, but also criticized them for not doing more to address the use of what the organization refers to as “dirty energy” in the companies’ manufacturing and supply chains, which continues to have a significant impact on climate change.

“The next big environmental challenge for consumer electronics companies is to reduce their carbon pollution,” said Greenpeace International IT analyst Casey Harrell. “Consumers have stated that they want greener electronics, which means high functioning gadgets that are built and powered by renewable energy.”

Harrell believes that companies should work with their supply chain to “implement more efficient manufacturing processes and to power the supply chain with renewable energy, not fossil fuels, just as they have successfully done to reduce the toxic materials in electronics.”

The top 10 green electronics companies according to Greenpeace

1 Wipro
2 HP
3 Nokia
4 Acer
5 Dell
6 Apple
7 Samsung
8 Sony
9 Lenovo
10 Philips

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