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4 things to avoid in Facebook!


Sydney: Very few of us read the lengthy terms and conditions when we sign up for anything, but social networking site Facebook has some very strict rules that might lead us being de-friended by the network itself if we aren't careful. Some of the … [Read more...]

Facebook shares fall forces Mark Zuckerberg to 36th place in Forbes


New York, Sep 20: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has seen his personal fortune plunge along with Facebook’s in the difficult aftermath of the initial public stock offering that did not live up to its considerable hype. The result: Zuckerberg is now … [Read more...]

Internet giants Google, Facebook make a cartel to face regulatory crisis


Washington, Sep 19: Internet giants like Google,, eBay, Facebook and other Internet companies have formed a cartel for lobbying purpose. Called The Internet Association to tackle regulatory and political issues in Washington, D.C., it … [Read more...]